Photo Restoration

Picture Perfect Stand-Ins

While your historical photo will be left unchanged and just as you found it, with its wonderful imperfections marking the course of time, its high density digital copy will be skillfully restored to look almost as if it were new, and ready for proud display along side all of its relatives.


By the way:

This photo of my ancestor John Bates is an example of one of the earliest forms of permanent photography called "Daguerreotypes", named for its French creator, Louis Daguerre. In 1839, the Daguerrotype process was the first publically announced photographic process and produced clear, fine details which suddenly made portrait photography very popular worldwide.


The ghostly quality of John's photo suggests it was taken in the early 1840's. In images like this one, light colored eyes appear pale and transparent. John Bates likely had light blue eyes, based on his appearance here. He is about 48 years old in this photo. 

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