Family History Research

Where Will Your Story Take You?

Researching your ancestors' story honors the lives they once led and brings to light your own entirely unique story.

Methodically identifying individuals in your family using all available resources, and all of my knowledge and skill, will reveal the facts as they were documented throughout a lifetime.  Accurately placing those facts within historical context will reveal the significance of the matter, ultimately bringing the forgotten stories of your ancestors back to life. ​



Client Stories

Personal Needs are Growing

A short while ago Lucy’s beloved grandmother passed away. While Lucy was going through her grandmother’s belongings she discovered a box full of family history.But she found some surprising facts. There was evidence that her grandmother may have been adopted. Lucy wanted to know if this could be true.

DNA testing revealed  an unknown cousin and Lucy was amazed to learn they had the exact same birth date. The have lunch together every Tuesday.

Astonishing Facts Uncovered by Irishman

James was proud to be of Irish descent and desired to know from where in Ireland he came. Not only did we find that out for him, but he was delighted by another astonishing fact. He also now claims ownership of the coveted title: Mayflower descendant.

One Family's Bible Holds The Key

Penny was thrilled to have inherited a 150-year-old family bible which was filled with handwritten names and dates of births, marriages, and deaths. It was clear they were entered by different individuals over time, and now it was Penny’s turn to take over. However, she had no idea who many of the names  were or how they fit into her family tree.

But now she does! Each name traced, two generations added, and she never knew just how Francophone she was.

A Note About Ethics in Family History Research


While holding your family members and their history in the highest regard, my research is carried out using professional standards in genealogy, including the Standards recommended by the Association of Professional Genealogists, and the Code of Ethics adopted by the Board for Certification of Genealogists.


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