Family History Narrative

They can be written in a variety of ways:


  • All-my-ancestors books beginning with the earliest identifiable ancestors

  • Ascending genealogies beginning with a modern person, and working backward in time

  • Biographies of individuals

  • Descending genealogies that follow all male descendants in a line

  • Hour-glass genealogies which track all ancestors and all descendants of an individual

  • Lineages that track a direct surname line

Where Will Your Story Take you?

Family history narratives, also called family sketches, are a very meaningful way to communicate research. They are written as short stories about a single individual or a single family in the form of a biography including images, and can include as many generations as you wish.

They can be published as:

  • blog posts

  • books

  • journal articles​

  • privately shared biographies and family sketches

  • family booklets

  • family handouts



Complete family history research consumes a great deal of time, so you may want to consider choosing one of the research packages for your project.


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