A Little About the Lineage Detective

Joan Lippmann is a professional genealogist living in Northern Vermont. A born detective, with a fundamental desire to conserve human health and a deep-rooted need to preserve family history, she has devoted her entire life to research.

For many years her research focus has been in the field of medicine, wherein she  honed her gift and amassed her skill.  In perfect synergy, her talent for medical research would prove akin to her talent for genealogical research. By design, developing research strategies for medical research is identical to developing effective strategies for genealogical research. Just like in medicine, genealogy requires efficient and thorough research, implementation of analytical skills, problem solving expertise, and cited, accurate, readable documentation of the findings.


For a dedicated researcher who knows the importance of preserving family history and has a compulsion to conserve its artifacts for future generations, professional genealogy is a match made in heaven.  

Creation of her first time capsule at the age of 10 marked the beginning of her life as a family historian. Attendance at her first genealogical conference in 2013 marked the beginning of her transition from family historian to professional genealogist.

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Joan is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.


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