Your Ancestors' Stories

Are Waiting to be Told

the  Lineage Detective

Gives Them a Voice

Your ancestors had personality, character,

and a style of their own.

They likely led a life which was largely determined by their circumstances. Yet the decisions they made within their circumstances would have been governed directly by their character.

Thoughtful study of your ancestors' records and artifacts, placed within historical context, inspires their stories to magically unfold,  revealing their lifestyle and character as they took their place in history and helped you become the very person you are today.

Family Research Services


Where Will Your Story Take You?

Many folks today, for as many reasons, are interested in learning more about their family history but don’t know where to start, how to take the next step, or  have the time to search.

Still Your Ancestors Await Being Found.

That's Where I Can Help.


What Would You Like to Learn Today?

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You have become the family historian, the keeper of your family story.


Perhaps you are looking for someone in particular and want to know the best ways to find out more.


Maybe you're just beginning the journey and would like to know how to start.


Specialized Tutoring Can Help.

Local Research Services

Northern Vermont, New England, Quebec

Local Archive Record Retrieval

Access to Northern Vermont Archives


Your Homestead's History

You Can Feel its Personality

Preserve the Facts

Tell the Story


Let's get you published!

Family History Narratives are a very meaningful way to communicate genealogy research for others to enjoy. Putting it all into print preserves and honors your family history now and for all future generations.

Conserve the Artifacts

Curate the Archive


Let's get you organized!

Photographs, heirlooms, and deeds, oh my!

Collecting is so much fun. You don't want your work wasted. What now?


Imagine each item preserved, labeled,  and catalogued, oh my!

Apply to a Lineage Society

Document Your Place in History


Family Portrait Sepia

Let's Document Your

Rightful Place in History!

Do you have a Revolutionary War soldier in the family. Or perhaps you descend from one of the Mayflower passengers.

If so, let's get it writing!


Interview Your Family

It's Never Too Soon

Let's Record Your Family Stories!

Think how wonderful it would be to conduct a series of Oral History Interviews with your living relatives.

The interviews could be preserved in many ways, to suit every member of your family.

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Specialty Genealogical Services


Antique Photo Restoration

Picture Perfect Stand-Ins

Pedigree Chart

Heritage Quality Hand-Written Calligraphy


without obligation

Free Personal Consultation

I offer a free personal consultation, to discuss your project and what you require.  It is very helpful if you have specific questions you want me to research. 

Once I understand your objectives and priorities, I will make a rough estimate of the minimum time the research may take.  Then we can agree which priority objectives may be accomplished within your budget.


I make no charge for this consultation and you are under no obligation to proceed further.


Ask for a Free Consultation

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